Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Nose Knows (lyrics)

Billy & I were out & about in Pasadena the other day & we ran into this dood, wearing this sign to try & get people to go into a wine tasting up the street. The sign read, "The Nose Knows", which is the title of a song off our second ep, so, of course, I had to get my picture taken with him. We re-recorded The Nose Knows with Timothy James of The Movies earlier this year for his Chermak Studios compilation, featuring some badass local acts like Stab City, Health, and The Seasons. That came out some time this summer, but I still haven't gotten a chance to get my hands on a copy.
(Note To Self : Bug Tim)

I've never posted the lyrics to that song online &, since I am Obedient Waves' official lyricist & a self-promoting nut, I feel it is my duty to post them now...

THE NOSE KNOWS by Obedient Waves

You can shake what god gave ya
Make up your eyes
But a nice rack won't save ya
No matter the size

Hey- the nose knows
Can't explain it
But the nose knows

You can flatter my ego
Hit just the right spot
If your game is just so so
Don't want what you got

Cuzz the nose knows
That's right
The nose knows
That's just the way that it goes, hun
Yeah- the nose knows

I don't care what you call it
Mark it two for one
If you don't got the good shit
You're fooling no one

Right- the nose knows
That you're scammin'
Hey- The nose knows

Don't you dare think I'm buying
This underweight bag
The high you're supplying is such a drag

Hey- the nose knows
Oh yeah
The nose knows
So sorry if that blows, bud
But the nose knows

I ain't fighting your fake war
It's just a facade
So the haves they can have more
And you can play god

Yeah- the nose knows
That you're rotten
Hey- The nose knows

You might actually be fooling
Those other guys
But I see what you're doing
And I smell them lies

Yo- The nose knows
The nose knows
The truth it always shows, sir
Cuzz the nose knows

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