Sunday, March 04, 2012

KOSHi Presents... Will Work For Food : A Coloring Book For Grown Ups

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"WiLL WORK FOR FOOD : A Coloring Book For Grown Ups" makes an AWESOME gift!

Blow off some steam, escape into your own little world, or just pass the time in a fun, sexy way with this whimsical, slightly twisted coloring book for grown ups.

"WiLL WORK FOR FOOD : A Coloring Book For Grown Ups", contains KOSHi's latest set of ink & paper illustrations paired with witty rhymes about what it is to be female in today's sex & celeb-obsessed culture and is left colorless for you to customize with your own unique touch. So, bust out the crayons and get to work enhancing the beauty that is:

- A silly yet proud display of women & boobies to love in all shapes and sizes
- Psychedelic escape fantasies including dark portraits of Alice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell
- Fashion models & illustrations, complete with rude and snarky commentary
- Paris Hilton with a precariously placed coin slot in "The Best Things In Life Are Free"
- A portrayal of Pete Doherty tempting Kate Moss with a nasty spoon from the great beyond

(Parental Advisory: Contains Some Nudity & Strong Language)

8.5 X 11 B & W Interior /Color exterior

I USED TO BE A LITTLE GiRL (poetry sample)

I tried to hide
My sex, my smile
Tried to walk
In single file
Tried to hurry
Tried to push
Tried to bury
Tried to shshsh
I tried to cut me
Down to size
Tried to see things
Thru your eyes...
But I got bored.

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