Saturday, May 09, 2009

Obedient Waves at Silver Factory Studios

Ever since Obedient Waves started playing live shows (April 2008), I've been working on this thing I call the Xerox Campaign. It's really out of financial necessity (Xerox copies are a helluva lot cheaper than fancy posters), but also to kind of brand the band with the same black & white style images again & again. So, you know, you're walking down the street & you come across another one of our taped-up crappy photo copies & go, "Hey- there's another one of those taped-up crappy photo copies! I need to get my ass to an Obedient Waves show!" Is it working? You tell me.

Here's the latest. It's for a show we're doing with The Common Men, Zen Pilot, and Panic Movement at Downtown 81/Silver Factory Studios next Saturday night...

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