Friday, May 08, 2009

The White Stripes Are Not Over

If you follow my Obedient Waves BLOG, you know I have a maniacal preoccupation with Jack White, which started with the birth of the White Stripes. Okay- maybe I wasn't there at the actual date of birth, but I was coming 'round with flowers & balloons shortly there after & have been a most devoted fan ever since. Okay- now that's a lie too. Not that I have faltered in my love for Mr. White, ever EVER, but I really wasn't feeling The Raconteurs. It was just too... ordinary and, I thought, beneath him. Thankfully, he's moved on to the Dead Weather with Alison Mosshart, the only woman on the planet who could possibly be considered his counterpart in cool, and all is right in the world again. In fact, it's more than alright. I am swimming in an embarrassment of riches now that I found this lil interview with Radar Music that Jack did a couple of days ago, promising another record & tour for The White Stripes next year!!! Excuse me now- I gotta go dig up my old copy of De Stijl to celebrate this news like a proper idiot.

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