Sunday, October 25, 2009

KOSHi illustration - Way Way Back In 2004

I was more and less ambitious when I started KOSHi with a xerox zine back in Fall 2003 and then moved to an online format the following Spring. I was more ambitious for wanting to put out my every doodle and idea faster than I could execute them with anything resembling finesse, and I was less ambitious in that I wasn't really considering that these thoughts and images might stick with me for a life time or longer and that I might want to try rendering them with a little more patience and care just in case. Eventually, that did occur to me, and a balance was struck to where now I can honestly say that I may be moving at a more measured pace, but my work today blows what I was doing back then out of the water. And looking back is much less embarrassing than I though it would be.


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