Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obedient Waves May Take A Hiatus

I have a secret, and I'm going to let you guys in on it first. It's not 100% for sure, but, after the double residencies we're doing in Bakersfield & Long Beach next month and then the lone show we've got out in Vegas, November 7, Obedient Waves may be taking a hiatus. After 8 eps in little more than 2 years and countless shows, we probably deserve a break, but it's really more about restructuring. We want to take some time off to save a shitload of money so we can a) make a proper full-length record that's NOT a home-studio project and b) afford to market & tour the dang thing. I've already got most of the songs written & hummed into my trusty lil tape-recorder, so I assure you, we will be back- most likely next spring. But, well, I'm feeling a lil wistfull already, so... Here's the last video we made for the Rock & Roll 4 President series back when we were just getting started. It's a cover of Sons & Daughter's "Gilt Complex".

p.s. That pic up top is from Silverlake Lounge (04/08)... Obedient Waves' first live show.

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