Monday, June 01, 2009

FREE Shit! Cuzz We're Cool Like That.

(This is a repost from another blog I keep for Obedient Waves on MySpace. You can check that out HERE...)

Well shit... this last month was pretty eye opening in terms of what giving away free music can do. We gave away our latest ep "We Never Liked You Anyway" in exchange for mailing list signups & the results were quite pleasing. In fact, we were so happy to get our tunes in your hot little hands that we were kind of bummed when May was over & our special offer ended. But then we realized- what the fuck? We're an unsigned band and as independent as it gets. We can do whatever the hell we want and change our minds as many times we feel like it and we're gonna. From now until eternity or the next time we change our minds... "We Never Liked You Anyway" is FREE! FREE! FREE! Whoopee! Whoopah! Suck on that, Rupert Murdoch!

We Never Liked You Anyway - album art