Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Never Liked You Anyway

We Never Liked You Anyway - album art

This is the cover art I illustrated for "We Never Liked You Anyway", Obedient Wave's latest ep. It makes me laugh, because the characters look just like us. And, what's strange, is that the drawing of myself was by far the hardest "character" to pull off. It took me about a gajillion drafts to get right & you'd think I'd know my own face by now! Dylan, Donovan, and Billy, on the other hand, were a cinch.

We're giving away that whole ep, all 3, count em 1-2-3 songs, as a FREE download in this sunny month of May. So, go on, don't be too shy to take advantage of our selfless generosity (okay, desperation- whatever)! Just download the songs into your iTunes or phone & punk rawk the night away!