Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday - 9/13/10

(That's a lot of blush, Jo. Slow down....)

Yeah! I'm back. Oh, Blogger, I missed you. I really did. Hobby Blogging (hogging?) is such an odd sport. There's no point really. I'm not organized enough to be promoting anything & I'm definitely not making any money, and yet I love it. It's fun & it suits my personality somehow. So, what does that make me? A narcissist? I hope not, but, if so, then so be it.

My time off was spent soaking up the last days of summer, surviving a torturous bathroom remodel that was not of my choosing (it's quite beige), and trying to make some headway on this novel I started when Obedient Waves went on hiatus almost a year ago (was just suppose to be six months, but, hey- these things happen).

Now, I'm buzzing with excitement, because fall is in the air! This is by far my favorite time of year. There's so much to love: Fashion Week is always fun (& let's face it, thanks to the web giving us London-Milan-Paris in our living rooms, it's more like Fashion Month), September fashion magazines are deliciously thick, the movies are better, the books are better, my birthday is on the 29th, my son's birthday is on the 30th, cool weather means sweaters & soup & pumpkins & baths, and Halloween is easily the most rock & roll holiday. Yes. Yes. It's gonna be a good one.

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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