Monday, November 16, 2009

Witchy Woman : New Moon In Scorpio

Lisa Dale Miller & Jan Spiller used to be my Go To Girls for all moon-related, astrological biz, but, since Lisa discontinued her AstroWisdom Moon Messages earlier this fall, it's all about Astrology with Jan Spiller and Pat Paquette & Diane Lang's Real Astrologers now.

I like to go to these sites on the eve of every New & Full Moon and have come to kind of plan my calendar around that great waxing & waning satellite in the sky, setting a short list of goals to achieve from moon to moon. It's a pretty groovy way to break the month in half, taking life in smaller chunks, two weeks at a time.

I have no intentions of sharing my entire list of goals with you here (it's too cheesy and embarrassing), but I will give up a few highlights & maybe you can help hold me accountable:

1. KOSHi SHOP: Properly launch the 40 Days & 40 Nights Count Down To Christmas KOSHi Clearance Sale by 5pm, Monday, November 16.

2. Figure out how to turn the Brussel Sprouts Stalk that Billy just bought into food. GOOD food. As in, beyond edible... maybe even, dare I say, "Tasty".

3. Clean & organize the demilitarized zone that my makeup station has become into something less chaotic & more sanitary.

If you want to make your own goals for the next two weeks, using tonight's new Scorpio Moon to lead the way, here are a couple of links you may find helpful...

-New Moon In Scorpio : Real Astrologers
Scorpio’s penetrating vision and willingness to use a scalpel to lance the wounds it finds may not be easy or comfortable, but if we can accept the necessity of doing so, we have an opportunity to really start healing wounds long ignored. There is also little hope of being able to continue to bury our heads in the sand, because our vulnerable backsides are sticking up, just waiting to get kicked... (read more)

-New Moon In Scorpio : Jan Spiller
Because the New Moon of NOVEMBER is in the sign of SCORPIO it is an especially auspicious time for wishing to increase your psychic or psychological abilities, the wisdom to see how to create a deeper bond with someone important to you, the insight to see how to resolve situations involving debt... (read more)

(That dreamy-cool Scorpio image at the top of this post was created by popular Scottland-based illustrator, Ella Tjader, and reminds me that I keep meaning to get around to illustrating a KOSHi Zodiac. I'm sure I will one of these days. One of these days I'm gonna do a lot of things.)

(Comic Strip source... Garfield -xo)

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