Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KOSHi Luvs... The Face Hunter

Yvan Rodic is the Face Hunter, the globe-trotting, Canon G10-wielding photographer routinely stationed on the pavement outside fashion's runways & beyond, where he finds not only his inspiration but that of the legion of devotees tuning in to Face Hunter for their customary dose of street style.

Here is a rare glimpse of Rodic in front of the camera (nice shoes!), as featured in the November issue of Elle - Russia...

And here are some of my recent Eye Candy For The Style Hungry faves, followed by an excerpt of a tidy lil interview Rodic just did with Dazed Digital...

DD: How long have you been the Face Hunter?
Yvan Rodic: Three and a half years.

DD: Are you sick of taking photos yet?
Yvan Rodic: I could never get sick of it. It changes every day.

DD: What do you think of all the fashion blogs saturating the net?
Yvan Rodic: I think it’s great that anybody who has access to the internet can use it as a medium to express their thoughts and opinions. It doesn’t matter whether you are a young fashion-enthusiast, Susie Lau, Bryan Boy or even a 13 year-old girl who has a great knowledge of the fashion world.

DD: What is your opinion on the The Sartorialist? Do you draw similarities between your respective works?
Yvan Rodic: His style is very classic but too businessy for my taste. The subjects of his photos are often editors walking into a fashion show who are wearing very expensive outfits. Whereas I take photos of the people standing outside the show whose outfits weren’t necessarily created by a high-end designer. Often we are at exactly the same shows but we interpret them differently because we are interested in completely different subjects.

DD: Do you let people see the photos once you take them?
Yvan Rodic: Yes

DD: Do people ever say no?
Yvan Rodic: Of course. But people are always going to say ‘no’, no matter what you are doing.

DD: Would you get involved in projects solely to further yourself?
Yvan Rodic: Yes. Working with well known companies opens a lot of doors and allows you to do your own projects further down the line.

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