Friday, October 30, 2009

Right Now I'm Really Into... (Part 2)

1. Sonia Rykiel's line for H&M - coming out this December. Love Sonia Rykiel. Love affordable Sonia Rykiel even better.

2. The dreamy-weird video for I Was Born by High Places, which they shot & edited themselves.

3. Lady Gaga's eyelashes on the cover of Flare magazine. Bonus Points: I'm having a major love affair with pink hair at the moment. Been collecting lots of pink hair pics on the ol' desktop. May even go pink myself. Dunno... Thinking about it... Should I?

4. The Daily Grail for leading me to random stories like the one about this creepy projection made by American futurologist, Paul Saffo, that claims that, due to biotechnology & robot engineering, the rich may develop into a new, longer-living species one day. Soon.

5. The Project Runway in a box-style kits at Target. The Fashion & Figure Drawing set is my favorite and reminds me of an old toy I used to have called Fashion Plates. God, I loved that thing. Wish I kept it. May have to Ebay it back into my life.

6. Devendra Banhart's new album, What Will We Be. One of his previous records, Cripple Crow, is a staple around here, and two of the songs off that, I Feel Like A Child & Long Haired Child, tied as top pick for Billy & I's wedding song. So, we wound up just using both, and when Billy coincidentally ended up running the sound booth for a live video shoot for none other than Devendra Banhart and told him that we were using his tunes for our wedding, he was so friendly & flattered & cool, which gave our song choice(s) a touch of kismet. So, yeah, I might be a taddy bit partial to Devendra.

7. Tim Walker's creepy-cool shots of fall fashion re-imagined ala Tim Burton for Harper's Bazaar. (Note To Self: A Tim Walker Appreciation Post Is Long Past Over Due.)

8. Lights' witchy-trippy video for Fire Night... -xo

"I wanted to be a machine." -Andy Warhol

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