Saturday, October 31, 2009

Witchy Woman : Happy Halloween

SAMHAiN = Halloween Back In The Day
[pronounced sah-win]

"Samhain marked one of the two great doorways of the Celtic year, for the Celts divided the year into two seasons: the light, with Beltane on May 1st, and the dark, with Samhain on November 1st. Whereas Beltane welcomes in the summer with joyous celebrations at dawn, the most magically potent time for Samhain is November Eve, the night of October 31st, known today of course, as Halloween." (source)

If, like me, you get a kick out of all things witchy, or if there are secret pagan urgings lurking beneath your deceptively conventional surface, you may want to do something a little unusual and special before you go to bed tonight. And won't your man be glad!

I kid. This isn't about sex. It's about a great excuse to make a little magic for yourself & some wishes by the light of the (almost) full moon, at the stroke of midnight, on this oh so fine All Hallows Eve...

"In early Ireland, people gathered at the ritual centers of the tribes, for Samhain was the principal calendar feast of the year... the point of conception for the new year...

In every household throughout the country, hearth-fires were extinguished. All waited for the Druids to light the new fire of the year... the gods drew near to Earth at Samhain, so many sacrifices and gifts were offered up in thanksgiving for the harvest.

Personal prayers in the form of objects symbolizing the wishes of supplicants or ailments to be healed were cast into the fire, and at the end of the ceremonies, brands were lit from the great fire... to re-kindle all the home fires of the tribe...

As they received the flame that marked this time of beginnings, people surely felt a sense of the kindling of new dreams, projects and hopes for the year to come." (source)

I love fire & symbolism & the power of making a wish with a focused, ritualized effort. I believe that life itself is magic, and you never know what's going to happen, so you might as well throw your two cents in before it does.

So why not make like an ancient pagan for Halloween and create a lil bonfire action of your own? You don't even need a fire pit or hearth to make it happen. A candle and a fire-proof bowl near the sink would do as well.

And then, you'll need your most heart-felt wish scrolled across a length of paper to burn and a firm, pronounced incantation aimed at whatever gods and goddesses may be hanging low in the atmosphere tonight- like this ancient power spell, meant to be shouted whilst hoisting your lady bits up high for emphasis...

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!
Form Of A Giant Pay Raise!
And The Man Of My Dreams!

Or something. And that should do'er. Then, hopefully, all you have to do is sit back & watch the magicalness begin.

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