Thursday, September 03, 2009

KOSHi Luvs... Tuscan Patchouli

I'm sorry you can't smell me. I smell awesome. Really, I do. I smell so good that I can't stop smelling myself. It's true. I smell dark & exotic, woodsy yet fresh, and oh so sexy now, thanks to Ten Digit Creations' Tuscan Patchouli Whipped Body Butter. I ordered a small tub of this magical stuff a couple of weeks ago & have been kicking myself for not ordering the big jar ever since. But how was I to know how light & frothy, how practically edible & utterly delicious this handmade concoction was going to be? How could I have guessed that this fully unique & zing zing zingy fragrance was going to blow my man's mind & that it would make my hands so velvety soft but not at all sticky? I thought I was just indulging in a little treat, but, now that I've discovered the secret to eternal aromatic bliss, I will never let it go. Please Gawd, let Ten Digit Creations stay in biz forever!

p.s. I think that the next time I re-up, I'm gonna have to try a few of their other scents too. Psychedelic Dreams, Caribbean Coconut, and Heavenly look particularly promising.

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