Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ga Ga For V

As I mentioned before, the current issue of V magazine, #61, looks so incredible. Have you picked up a copy? I haven't seen it on the stands around here yet, so I might just have to scoot on over to Circus Of Books in Silver Lake to see if they've got some. I need it. I just do. And this behind the scenes video of Mario Testino shooting Lady GaGa for the issue demonstrates that necessity. Right? I mean, a pink poodle & that Magda-esque tan? It's pure fashion hilarity! I still can't really get behind GaGa's music- it's just not my style, but I do absolutely appreciate the creativity she puts into her visuals.

1 comment:

Fee said...

Love the images ha! minus the scary ribs in the 1st pic.

Im not sure im convinced shes as quirky as she makes out though.