Friday, September 18, 2009

Diablo Cody Interview

"I love women and I'm definitely a girls' girl... But I think, unfortunately, we live in a society that pits women against each other. Women are encouraged to be competitive by the patriarchy because it helps us to stay suppressed. I feel very strongly about that. I think that's why you see the stereotype of women being catty and bitchy. It's being perpetuated by men and unfortunately women buy into it, and they mimic it - especially young girls. I think a lot of young girls are programmed to believe there can be only one, and that you need to keep each other down in order to succeed, and I don't like that mentality. I think women need to help each other and support each other." Diablo Cody to Nicole Powers- Suicide Girls Interview

Jennifer's Body hit the theaters today. Did you see it? Are you gonna? I think I'm gonna wait to make a matinee of it for my birthday that's coming up in a couple of weeks. That, following some oatmeal with candied walnuts & sausage from HOME in Silver Lake, a trinket from my honey, and a quick swing through Barnes & Noble will make me one happy lil birthday princess.

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