Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WiLL WORK FOR FOOD (poetry samples)

"WiLL WORK FOR FOOD : A Coloring Book For Grownups" is more than just a bunch of racy, girlie illustrations. It's also a poetry book & the precursor to the lyrics I now write for Obedient Waves. Here's a little of what you'll find inside...


A teenage girl
Is queen of the world
But she doesn't know it
A teenage girl's
A powerful pearl
But she will outgrow it
Flesh that springs up
Toward the sky
Her pouting lip
That hollow thigh

A tender button
Comes easily undone
With their greedy fingers
A tender button's
Fooling no one
Her value never lingers
Flesh grows slack
More by the day
Youth-stung lovers
Never stay


I hear it in the blurbs they say
And in the way they don't say
I see it in their expressionless faces
They feel nothing
And they're content
They rise and sleep
At scheduled hours
Clean and work and fuck in time
They dress to blend in monied ways
They are monied
Because they followed life's rules:
Born to wealthy parents
Bred by humble nannies
Sent to college
Sent to work
Sent to ski white alps
And they did not suffer
Nor enjoy one minute of it


The comfort of the shade
Is brief and cold
The air dappled with gold
Beyond the leafy border
Where the healthy ones play
Their faces upturned to the sun
Feet bare and unfettered
No cares
Not one
Past the filling of time
That I squander
Hiding in the long low limbs
Of my tree
My shroud
Making night
Waiting for that perfect cloud
To step into the light

(Joanna DeVoe - copyright 2006)

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