Friday, July 24, 2009

Etsy Treasury 1 : Ebony & Ivory

The Treasury is NOT full, damn it!

1. Piano by Emmalynne

2. Desire Inlaid Onyx Ring by Artisan Look

3. Cinnamon Sugar by Claire La Faye

4. Kate Moss & The Devil by KOSHi Words & Illustration

5. The Row Dress by My Dear Thing

6. Dandelions Summer Purse by Eight Seasons

7. Black Silk Chiffon Bolero by Larime Loom

8. Juliet's Heart by Black Eyed Suzie

9. Feather Necklace w/Star by Miss KK

10. Natural Edge Leather Bag by Jackie Robbin's Designs

11. Faux Bear Skin Rug by Fringe Collection

12. Leather & Citrine Ring by Nomad Bijoux

*For more Etsy Goodness, check out my meticulous (some might say "insane") list of FAVORiTES!

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