Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Radio In The Morning

Internet radio is the best! And ya know, I think I'll have me some Little Radio to go with my work this morning. Kevin Bronson's Buzz Bands show airs in 45 minutes (10am L.A. time). That and a stiff pot of coffee oughta get me through a couple of hours of illustration & preparation for the relaunch of KOSHi SHOP. I opened an Etsy shop well over a year ago to replace my old Yahoo! store, but have been so busy with Obedient Waves and this freelance gig I was doing for another band that I really didn't have time to get down to the nitty gritty & run a proper biz. Now that the freelance thing has dried up, I'm all gung ho to put some heart back into KOSHi, my first love.

p.s. Remember when Kevin Bronson did that sweet lil write up on Obedient Waves for Buzz Bands? That was cool.