Sunday, June 14, 2009

KOSHi Luvs... Igor & Andre

You know an idea is pure genius when you're kicking yourself for not thinking of it first. Tweny three year old Danny Roberts of Igor & Andre' fame has had me kicking myself many times with his many brilliant marketing ploys, always featuring his incredible illustration work. He just has the knack for getting his shit out there. For example, he does this series of sketches featuring popular FASHiON BLOGGERS &, of course, then the bloggers are flattered by their darling portraits into blogging all about it & wind up using their perfectly horizontal renderings as their new blog headers. Genius! Right? He also designed that lil Blog Lovin banner you see in the right hand column here. Click on it to follow my KOSHi BLOG on Blog Lovin & hopefully, for your entertainment, I'll soon come up with some genius ideas of my own.

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