Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Bear Foot Shaman

Purple (!) Moon & Stars Watermelon:

In case you haven't noticed, I'm going through a major Etsy phase. My list of favorites is epic & getting longer by the day. I love the photography, the jewelry, the art & toys, all those natural beauty products & elixirs, the vintage clothes & accessories, those cute lil moss terrariums & the ceramics... oh- don't even get me started on the ceramics. I'll have to do a long long long ass Etsy Ceramics post soon to show the extent of lust I feel for the various pottery that I am starting to collect. Does one piece make a collection? Okay fine- I intend to collect some hand-made pottery. Another thing I intend to do is plant a killer garden with some Etsy seeds & the first stop on that big adventure will definitely be The Bear Foot Shaman...

German Chamomile:

5 Shades Of Swiss Chard:

Vanilla Sunflower:

Purple Cone Echinacea:

Icelandic Poppies:

Black Violets: