Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh Yoko

Besides marrying John Lennon (hawt!), rocking the sexy well into her 70s, and being an excellent conceptual marketeer, Yoko Ono has done two artsy things that really hang with me. First, she did an installation that had guests climb up a ladder to stick their heads in a box, leading to the discovery of the word "yes". Secondly, she did a performance piece, inviting guests to approach her one at a time to cut off a bit of her clothing, exposing her vulnerability as an artist and demonstrating her trust in the audience. To both of these stunts, I say a big, fat "AWESOME!". Her music, however, has not made as good an impression. Her primal scream phase was irritating at best. Still, I do not side with the Beatles fanatics who claim she broke up The Fab Four, kinda dug 2007's "Yes, I'm A Witch", and will persist in curiously looking forward to any of her upcoming projects.

Case in point: I am currently looking forward to this...

Pitchfork says that Yoko Ono, along with her Plastic Ono Band, has a new album coming out this September called "Between My Head and the Sky" and a lil sneaky peak preview EP, "Don't Stop Me!", hitting iTunes, June 9th.