Tuesday, May 08, 2007

R.i.P. Dante's View Garden

I'm trying to blog about the fun, silly stuff to keep my mood light tonight, but I can't shut off the news, which I usually avoid like the plague... The fire I told you about, the one that's eating the heart & soul of the Hollywood Hills is spreading like, well, wild fire. It just consumed the historic garden at Dante's View & has left 2000 people without power. Homes, big, unique, vintage homes, are being threatened as it has now torched over five hundred acres & shows no sign of slowing down. I can't take the suspense. I CAN'T TAKE iT! My town! Billy just hopped in the car with his shovel to go volunteer. I hope he stays safe & doesn't try to pull any super hero stunts. I know he loves this place as much as I do & that he can get quite emotional. So, I can't blame him. We've spent countless hours sipping coffee & driving these hills for the views & fantasy house hunting. So so sad.

Los Feliz In Big Trouble


Anonymous said...

majorly bad news

Anonymous said...

My heart aches, Koshi. Didn't we just moon over this view last week?