Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Los Feliz In Big Trouble

I am FREAKiNG OUT! This is the view from my front yard as I watch my beloved East Side hills burn up. Earlier in the day, the flames were threatening the zoo, so I was, of course, very worried about the animals. However, the fire is now moving away from the zoo toward the Griffith Observatory, which is equally upsetting. The Observatory is one of the crown jewels of the Hollywood Hills & they just spent years and a fortune remodeling it. AND and and, the worst news of all, the wind-fueled flames are only one hundred yards away from the Greek Theater, my all time favorite venue for live music. I look forward to seeing the White Stripes there every time they come through town & already have tix to see The Arcade Fire there next month. This is just terrible... three hundred plus beautiful acres of Griffith Park gone bye bye... one of the happiest, most romantic places to drive-ride-hike. Gone. Gone. Gone.


xo said...

I'm watching too, Koshi, and I thought of you. I know you are obsessed with east side.

Cali said...

Oh no!

Anonymous said...

Florida is on fire too. What's going on?