Friday, October 29, 2010

Mondo Controversy!

I was truly shocked by the season finale of Project Runway. By mid-point through the season, I felt sure that Mondo was the only one who could possibly win & honestly felt not a shred of suspense watching the final showdown- until... it happened. Gretchen won. I do think her work was nice, but certainly not the winning collection. This afternoon, while reading through some Huffpo commentary on the subject, I found that I am clearly not alone in my confusion. Here are some of the funnier & more insightful comments that resonated with me...

"It took all of my manly strength.....
To keep my wife from breaking our television after this happened."

"Who needs a designer who knows what the trend is THIS year? You need someone who can set a trend."

"You give people with small minds power and they will surely show you their colors. Kors & Garcia couldn't get pass the fact the Mondo didn't do it their way."

"Genuinely curious. What was Wretchen's outfit with the leather smoking jacket, sash, spanky pants and fedora? I would honestly like to know. Beachwear in Alaska? Post-Fredericks lingerie? I have no idea."

"The fair thing would have been to bring Tim Gunn in to break the tie - that would have assured Mondo's win. But I can just hear K & G screaming bloody murder over that. How dare Tim Gunn (a TRUE fashion authority, btw) question their opinions!"

"I think that Gretch is probably stunned by the reaction to her win. And I hope that Mondo is floating on a giant houndstooth-printed cloud of love from all of his Project Runway fans."

"After last night I think the judges were pretty clear about what they were looking for. So, I think for future seasons Project Runway should change it's name to Project Retail."

"Don't get me wrong, boring has a place in our society, but I don't need to watch a reality show to see it."

"This is why Nina Garcia is at Marie Claire and not at Vogue."

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