Thursday, October 14, 2010

KOSHi Luvs... Gala Darling's 'Things I Love Thursday'

♥ Fall is here!

♥ Interpol's "Antics" on repeat.

♥ Anthropologie's Cyclorama Jacket. The only problem? Can't decide which color I like better. Brown or Grey??? I'd love & wear em both!

♥ Baked or mashed sweet potatoes with my special sauce (black strap molasses, extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, raw organic honey, cinnamon, nutmeg) & chopped pistachios sprinkled on top. Heavenly :O)

♥ Long naps.

♥ The bowl of crystals that I keep on the night stand next to my side of the bed. My favorites are an obsidian egg that Billy got me at an outdoor market in Monterey, a purple flourite skull named "Frank", and my lapis lazuli heart.

♥ Lara Stone. One of the hottest models of all time. The face! That body! Those Quirky-Cute Teeth!

The Selvedge Yard! Jon Patrick's retro-cool blog provides endless inspiration with a manly point of view...

♥ David Wolfe. Here is the first in a multi-part series of his talk on hormones at the Longevity Now Conference. If you're interested in health & you've never heard of David Wolfe, you are in for treat!

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