Thursday, October 07, 2010

KOSHi Luvs... Gala Darling's 'Things I Love Thursday'

Gala Darling, of course!

♥ My dad, at 57, is in love & getting married again. Sweet! -xo

♥ Living in L.A... For so many reasons- the restaurants, the food trucks, the music scene, the low brow art movement, vintage shopping, farmer's markets, the weather & walking through the older, wealthier neighborhoods in Silver Lake, Hancock Park & Pasadena to get a lil exercise & admire the fancy homes.

Christopher Kane in general, but especially his silk embroidered leather dresses.

♥ Brigitte Mars. She is a perfect example of the cool, witchy woman that I hope to one day be- you know, the kind of woman who has a cure up her hippie sleeve for whatever ails anyone. I dig a good herbal remedy.

Sea Of Shoes.

♥ Project Runway... never gets old.

♥ Healthyca's Body Boost carrot-orange-ginger juice. They use tons of ginger, which is just how I like it- strong!

♥ The Crystal Caves in Mexico make me feel crazy... crazy freaking excited! Truly amazing.

♥ Henry Holland's Suspender Tights.

♥ The thought of chemtrails terrifies me to the bone & there's nothing to love about that. However, I ADORE anyone eager to bring an anti-chemtrail message to the public & "What In The World Are They Spraying" looks quite promising in that regard.

♥ The epic Noah's Ark rain that rattled the roof & soaked my hair yesterday.

♥ I suspect Floria Sigismondi was a major influence on Gaultier's bitchin' spring styling. ROCK ON!

♥ I know it's way way waaay too early to think about what I'm going to wear in December, but... Christmas Shoes! They're only 40 bucks & I can totally picture them with a swingy black dress, some Audrey Hepburn eyeliner, and a glass of champagne.

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