Saturday, August 07, 2010

If You Don't Lose Your Shit At A Dead Weather Concert, You Do NOT Deserve To Be There!

"Jack White laid into the celebrity-filled audience at The Dead Weather's gig at Don Hill's in New York on Wednesday (August 4), labelling them "hip motherfuckers".

The band were playing a secret show at the relaunch party of Don Hill's to an audience who included the likes of Sean Lennon, Liv Tyler, Alexa Chung and Mary-Kate Olsen.

According to New York Daily News, White is said to have taken offence at the less-than-enthusiastic crowd.

"Fuck you, you hip motherfuckers!" he told the audience at one point. "Why don't you rock the fuck out? Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats, you hip motherfuckers!""

How can you watch-hear something like this & not move your ass? Don't these people know that rock & roll is here to set us free???

Badass. Right? Right.

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