Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Check It Out : Lola's Ipsum Factum Show At Corey Helford Gallery In Culver City Until April 14th, 2010

This is...


Cute. Right?

Here's a sweet lil Q & A she just did with

LAist: What is your earliest memory of making a piece of art?

Lola: Finger paints I suppose, it's hard to pinpoint a moment so long ago.

Q: Who are some of your favorite artists?

A: Alive? Travis Louie, Todd Schorr, Chet Zar, Ana Bagayan, Josh Petker...and on and on and on!

Q: Do you remember seeing a gallery or museum show that particularly inspired

A: Well, there are many great shows, which I take in and ingest and become inspired by. But many years ago Mark Ryden had an exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. It was wonderful, and really excited me to see living artists getting museum shows. Something to strive towards.

Q: Where is a place in the world that you would like to go?

A: I have lots of travel dreams, Italy, Paris, Greece, Egypt.

Q: What inspired the pieces in this show? Describe "Ipsum Factum."

A: Ipsum Factum is a show about truth, truths, and our difference within those.

Q: Where do you live in LA? What do you love about your neighborhood?

A: I'm in the valley, and I love it! I live in nature, in the hills, where it's peaceful, calm, and great for painting.

Q: What are some of your favorite LA galleries?

A: Off the top of my head: Corey Helford Gallery, Merry Karnowsky, New Image Art, Michael Kohn. I live close to the Getty Museum, so I take field trips often.

Q: Favorite LA restaurants?

A: Haha! I'm an artist. I live on a budget! I love Casa Vega, yumm!

Q: Favorite LA landmark or place to visit?

A: Griffith Observatory.

Q: Favorite local band?

A: Pioneer ships.

Q: What are you working on next?

A: I'm going to publish a book. My next exhibit will be in 2011 with Greg Simkins

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