Sunday, January 03, 2010

January 2010 : A Month In Magazines

I have too many magazines. It's gross. It's been a problem for over two decades. I started in elementary school. Stacks and stacks.

Once, about half way into my relentless editorial addiction, I got wise to the fact that my chronic hoarding of glossies might be taking a turn toward the unsavory, as my tiny apartment was being consumed by paper and my meager mid-20s paycheck may or may not have been responsible for singlehandedly sustaining the newsstand on Las Palmas & Hollywood.

That's when I decided to just start ripping out my favorite bits, filing them away for another day, and chucking the rest, which didn't really save much money, but did help to reclaim some shelf space.

Now, thanks to the information overload that I subject myself to daily online, I feel a lot less compelled to part with my cash for just any ol rag and have restricted my purchases to lowbrow art, alternative health, and foreign fashion magazines. For everything else, I turn to the web.

So, I really appreciate blogs like Fashion Copious and Knight Cat for keeping current on the visual haps and love this post Fashioninsing just did, featuring a bunch of January 2010 covers. There's a lot & here are a few of my faves...

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