Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day Salute


Or Shine...



Since I am a liberal, my views on war, among other things, have not won me any fans among my Limbaugh-luvin, ultra conservative family. But I think that today, on Veterans Day, no matter your political beliefs, as an American, you've got to show your support for our current & former troops in at least some small way. Wear a ribbon. Raise some funds. Post a sign. Or you could make & blog an honorary collage in the style of this groovy one I just found during my search for Marilyn Monroe photos... (Click Individual Pics To Enlarge)

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Matthew said...

I'm from Seattle and I am going to visit Big Sur for the first time this winter. I followed my "Big Sur" link in the profile section to try to find other people who have been there. Have you been there? Can you share any info. about good places to stay/camp/hike, etc...?