Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rock & Roll Thru The Eyes Of Jim Marshall

Don'tcha just dig on these pix by legendary photog, Jim Marshall? They're part of his new book, 'Trust: Photographs Of Jim Marshall', which is out now & features some of the more memorable snaps of music's most beloved & iconic rock stars.

Dayum, grandpa had it going on....

(Rolling Stones' frontman Mick Jagger shot during the sessions for 'Exile On Main Street'. Jim Marshall's new book 'Trust: Photographs Of Jim Marshall' is a compendium of his best photos from fifty years in the business.)

("Frank Zappa was asleep in his bed", Jim remembers. "I made him sit up for a moment, he looked at the camera, I took a couple of shots and he went back to sleep again. This was at his home in Los Angeles in 1967.")

("Johnny Cash asked Columbia Records to have me come with them to Folsom Prison in 1968" Jim Marshall recounts. "I had been busted a few months before for shooting a guy so it was really a bit weird for me. When those gates banged shut I wondered when we were gonna get out again.")

(Jim Morrison in a pensive moment at the Northern California Folk Rock Festival in San Jose in 1968. Jim Marshall shot The Doors three times.)

(Janis Joplin on a painted Porsche for the promotional poster of Big Brother And The Holding Company's Fillmore show. Unfortunately the paint job wasn't sealed and peeled off shortly after.)

(Jim Marshall shot this legendary picture of Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival and has another excellent anecdote in his new book. "A few numbers before the end Hendrix says to me, 'You got plenty of film left?'" he recalls. "I said I did and he just told me to get ready. He didn't say shit but he set fire to his fucking guitar.")

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