Friday, September 04, 2009

Etsy Treasury 8 : Fashionista

The Treasury is NOT full, damn it!

1. Kate & The Devil by KOSHi Words & Illustration

2. PR Dress by Carol Hannah

3. Zipper Circle Necklace by Green Eyed Girl

4. Scarlett Print by Emma Kisstina

5. Faux Gorilla Fur Coat by Ms. Wood

6. Sateen Strapless Cocktail Dress by Julianna Bass

7. Big Hair Shampoo by Portland General Store

8. Ear Cuffs By Peace Images

9. Atmosphere Art Print by JKL Design

10. Slouchy Leather Tote by The Leather Store

11. Khaki Cotton Jumpsuit by YY Studio

12. Gladiator Lace Up Boots by Meredith Waterstraat

For more Etsy Goodness, check out my meticulous (some might say "insane") list of FAVORiTES!


yystudio said...

lovely! I like the little black dress:)

Fee said...

The 2nd are 3rd images! oh are so good! They would look so good together with really high black heels.

Wonderful style.

Leigh said...

Your so wonderful Jo :) Thank you so much a definite compliment!! Adore the entire list :)

Mello Stuff said...

Hot hot treasury. All I can say is Etsy "our treasury is currently full" is missin' out. This one is leavin em in the dust.