Monday, August 10, 2009

The Truth Is... Obvious. Duh.

Have you heard the b.s. propaganda that "they" have been trying to spew about conventional produce being equal in value to organic produce? I know this isn't a health-freak foodie blog, but I am, behind the scenes, a health-freak, foodie kinda girl. So, I'm gonna have to quote and point you in the direction of this hilarious article Mark Morford wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle called "Ten Amazing Truths You Already Suspected"...

"4) One large study has dared come forth to claim that organic food is really no better for you than "regular" food, implying that the organic thing is all a big sham, a multibillion-dollar lie, that the giant, watery, flavorless Safeway tomato doused in chemicals and gene-spliced goodness is really no worse for you than that fragrant, delicious, organic heirloom from Rainbow Grocery, or that the chem-blasted asparagus shipped in from Mexico in November has the same nutritional value as the organic goodness you should be getting in April from the local farm.

Is it tempting to believe? Not in the slightest. For one thing, going organic is only partially about basic, keep-you-alive nutrients. It's just as much about the various toxins, chemicals, refined sugars and hormones slapped all over corporate foodstuffs in general; not to mention the brutal, earth-stabbing, industrial manufacturing and farming practices that go into most crappy mainstream foods.

In other words, yes, in terms of basic nutritional values, maybe some organic foods are no better for you than their "normal" industrial-produced equivalents. Unless you count the vicious environmental impact. And the chemicals. And the cancer. And the death. Otherwise, same."

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