Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hung, My New Love

HBO strikes again! Billy and I have been Tivo-ing Hung every week after True Blood (the best show EVER) but weren't sure if we needed more tv in our lives, so we just let the episodes pile up on each other, until one day earlier this week, when we were feeling broke & pissed & desperate for a distraction. We bought a cheap, organic bottle of wine & had ourselves a Hung marathon. Actually, we didn't set out to have a marathon, it's just that one episode led to the next and then the next & next until a couple of hours flew by & we found ourselves hooked on another tv show. It's so funny, the music is awesome, and you can't help but fall in love with Thomas Jane's Ray, the poor sap with a major unit...

Shout out to the music supervisor! How do we get an Obedient Waves song on Hung? Say... "Let's Make It Three"? Or no- I know... "The Bean"!

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Riff Dog said...

I think it's a cool show too.

My apologies if you already know this, but to get your music onto the show, you want to contact the "Music Supervisor." They're usually pretty open to unsigned bands, although they generally don't have a lot of time for people they don't know, so be sure you're prepared.

I think Hung is a LionsGate show, so contact Lionsgate and ask for the Hung production office phone number. Then call that number and ask for the music supervisor (even better if you already know the name of the person by reading the credits.)

From here, it's a matter of how charming you can be on the phone. Charming . . . but down to business! This is a very competitive field. You want to be Ari Gold . . . on one of his nice days.

Post-production for this show is undoubtedly wrapped for the season, but I believe it's doing well, so there will likely be a Season 2. And of course, there are other shows . . .