Monday, August 10, 2009

Etsy Treasury 4 : Mud Luv

The Treasury is NOT full, damn it!

1. Large Lidded Casserole Dish by KH PHillips

2. Raku Lentil Bean Earrings by By The Bead

3. Garlic Baker by Doug Smith

4. Sand Dune Mud Pool Photo by Leyla Kodid

5. White Serving Platter by Scarecrow 3331

6. Big Button Raku Pendant by MAKU Studio

7. DiRT Roll-On Perfume by Seattle Scents

8. Baking Dish For Two by Artsie Lady

9. Copper Raku Ring by Black Dog White Dog

10. Dirty Bird Fine Art Photo by Optic Waste

11. Two Chopstick Bowls by Barbara Dunshee

12. French Onion Casserole Bowl by Moonlite Fantasies

For more Etsy Goodness, check out my meticulous (some might say "insane") list of FAVORiTES!


Ceci said...

Thanks for the mud love in your blog. One day you must get dirty too!!! :)

Earth N Elements Pottery said...

You chose some fabulous pieces to feature! Good eye :o)

JNpottery said...

Your muddy blog posts are great!
Thanks for visiting and enjoying.

ZudaGay said...

Wonderfulness in pottery and mud!! I love all your choices!

Joanna DeVoe said...

THANKS all you.. you... Mud-slingers! It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, such beatiful mud. Love all the selections you made. And even found myself a few new favorite mudders.

Steph (DancingDolphin @ etsy)

HeidiMCF said...

The french onion casserole is amazing! How clever and I love the white glaze

Madmud said...

I love your picks! Being a mudder myself, I had to laugh at the mud pool and the perfume, you do have a good eye. Thanks for promoting the Etsy Mud Team!

fishbonesilver said...

I love your treasury!