Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chrissie Hynde + Juliette Lewis = TLF

Now here are two kickass women that prove rock & roll ain't no child's game. They sweat. They snarl. They jam like their lives depend on it & look super bitchin' all the while. Juliette's in her 30s, which is still quite young, but relatively speaking... lookin' good, mama, lookin' good... and Chrissie's coming up on 60. Nuff said.

(photos: Jenny Laidlaw)

Check out more pix & a great review of this Lewis-Hynde twofer at Gutter Snipe News.

And... just for kicks, here's Juliette being her kooky-cool self for a silly lil interview with Nylon Magazine...

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