Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Witch of Wookey Hole

I tend to gravitate to all things magical and hope to one day be a witchy senior citizen with kickass long grey braids, a slamming body ( & NOT "for my age"), rings on every finger, a kooky old house, a medicinal herb garden, and a potion for anything than ails me. Yes, my pretty, I've got it all figured out. So, it's stories like this one about the newly appointed Witch Of Wookey Hole that give me hope.

Remember when I did this Etsy Witch post? Well, that was really just scratching the surface of the witchy goodness to be found on Etsy these days. So, in keeping with the whimsical theme of things, I think I'll post some more Etsy Witchery just for the hex of it...

Crescent Moon Divination Board by Brynn McCullough:

Sophie's Pink Pendulum Necklace by Bella Lili:

White Sage Sacred Space Spray by The Whimsical Witch:

The Serpent Ring by Eclectica:

Poison Ivy Lip Embellishment by For Strange Women:

Destiny Drawstring Tarot Bag by Baba Studio:

Herbology Notebook by Celeste Frittata Bottega:

Seance Soap by Solstice Scents:

Prosperity Spell Dust by Moonlit Herbals:

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