Sunday, July 26, 2009

Etsy Treasury 2 : Childhood Flashback

The Treasury is NOT full, damn it!

1. Born In The 70s Print by Benilla

2. Purple Vintage Wrap Around Swimsuit by Lynn's Rags

3. Patchwork Doctor's Bag by Luccia O

4. Love Is... Necklace by Rag Trader

5. Blue Hearts Wallet by Picklehead

6. Apples Handmade Top by Retrokinder

7. Vintage High Waisted Jeans by Dreams Never End

8. Flower Power Throw Pillow by I Heart Ariane

9. Mahogni Macrame Necklace by MacraMe

10. Looks Like Jesus Plate by Trixie Delicious

11. 99 Tears Dress For Blythe by Sleep Forever

12. Gipsy Messenger Bag by Ella Since Osix

For more Etsy Goodness, check out my meticulous (some might say "insane") list of FAVORiTES!

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