Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cupcake Insanity

Last night's party for Molly Crabapple's book release of Scarlett Takes Manhattan was a very unique experience & really quite fun. Molly talked about her art & comic-making process & then we all sat around drinking vodka, listening to scratchy vinyl records from the 30s, spun by a dapper gentleman with a curly cue mustache, and sketching two burlesque models who changed poses every so often by the DiNG of a relentless timer. There was never enough time to get a decent illustration done, but it kept us on our toes. The real star of the night though was the world's most unforgettable, melt in your mouth cupcakes by a Silverlake company called Lark Cake Shop. I'm, much to my annoyance, on a gluten free, dairy free diet, but I couldn't resist a little taste after seeing the bug-eyed expression on Billy's face as he dug into one of these oh-so creamy, heavenly, dreamy concoctions. It looked something like this...

Berry Shortcake Cupcake: White cake filled with Crème Patisserie, topped with whipped cream icing and a seasonal berry.