Thursday, July 02, 2009

Book Nerd

I like road trips- they're the perfect excuse to wrap my brain around a good book for long periods of time w/out interruption, which is basically my idea of heaven. I'll get around to posting pix of our Vegas-Phoenix trip here in a day or so, but, until then, I gotta gush about the pages that kept me company during all that driving.

I got this book, Raw Food : Life Force Energy, at this lil strip mall cafe, Go Raw, in Vegas & devoured it almost as fast as the vegan enchiladas I ordered for lunch. I'm not sure if I'm buying the bit about food combining & colonics (you wanna stick that hose where?!), but the rest of author Natalia Rose's advice rang true & I immediately put the light to heavy & quick exit foods theories into practice.

I read a lot. In fact, I get kinda crazy about it & have at least five books in rotation at any given time. I just never know what I'm gonna be in the mood for, so I finish them in this trippy-weird cyclical fashion. I dunno- think what you will, but it works for me! I also tend to stalk books I want for a long time before I actually buy them. Lisa Rogak's A Boy Named Shel : The Life & Times Of Shel Silverstein is one such victim. I loved Silverstein's poetry growing up (Where The Sidewalk Ends!) & think it (along with a heavy dose of Charles Bukowski & gobs of Dorothy Parker) had a lot to do with the formation of my style as a poet/lyricist. We also have the illustration thing in common, and, once I found out that he was a prolific song-writer (he wrote Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue"), I was a goner & he became an official hero. There were just too many similarities between us, even though & of course, he did it all much bigger & better than lil ol me. So, I finally bought that book & started it on our trip. It's damn good. Shel Silverstein was quite the character- love that. And Lisa Rogak just cemented herself a new fan.