Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Return Of Love

Courtney Love's whacky behavior can be pretty indefensible at times. I know, because I've spent plenty of convos trying to defend her to no avail. People, men especially, love to hate on the Love. And I get that. I get why. I do. It's just that she made the ultimate record, my all time favorite, Live Through This, and, for that, I must follow her to the ends of the earth. However, I have been pretty annoyed with her for delaying this come back record for three f'n years. That's a bit much, especially considering Obedient Waves is on our 8th in 2. I don't have much sympathy or patience for that kind of dilly dallying. Now (and don't hold your breath here) NME is featuring this hype piece & two part video of Courtney in the studio, preparing to finally release Nobody's Daughter. The Return Of Hole does make a convincing case that this project might actually be worth waiting for, but, then again, I will proceed in getting my hopes up with caution. (whoop. whoop.)