Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Michelle Pfieffer Cuts Al Pacino

Michelle Pfieffer was my first love. I wanted to be Stephanie Zanoni sooo bad! I used to wear my shiny Member's Only jacket, running around singing "Cool Rider", flicking my hair &, really, just thinking I was the shit. So, to this day, any Michelle Pfieffer anything sends me reeling with happiness. Take, for instance, this clip of her telling Letterman about her screen test for Scar Face. It's a bloody good story.

And then you can take this lil trip down memory lane with me...
I WANT a C-O-O-L R-i-D-E-R!!! ...a C-O-O-L R-i-D-E-R!!!

Michelle is also the current In Style cover girl. I don't usually buy that mag, but for Ms. Pretty, of course, I'll make an exception.