Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy Copper

(This Winding Path Healing Copper Ring from Designs By Violet looks a lot like my new Big Sur ring.)

The ring finger on my writing & drawing hand has hurt at the knuckle for most of the year. At first, I thought I'd just jammed it in my sleep & that it'd work itself out. It felt like a jam. But then, as time progressed, I noticed it would swell off and on and kind of stick after long periods of inaction, and that's when it occurred to me that arthritis could be setting in. Arthritis means getting old, and we definitely can't have that(!), so I immediately set to Googling & came up with an arsenal of do it yourself tools to combat inflammation & avoid a board certified doctor, which I pretty much do as a rule. I mean, I'd have to be bleeding out my eyeballs to even consider a trip to the MD. I'm also pretty kooky & love to experiment with new agey stuff. During my oh so scientific research, I read that copper is good for relieving arthritis, that it somehow gets the energy moving, so, in addition to stock piling anti-inflammatory foods, lots of milk thistle and Omega 3s, I started looking for a knuckle-grazing copper ring. I eventually found the most perfect coiling masterpiece in a parking lot in Big Sur. This hippy dood was making them right there on the spot & Billy bought one for me for twenty bucks. Major score! It's witchy-cool and, I don't know if this is a psychosomatic thing or real science in action, but the pain does go away when I wear it, so, of course, I wear it all the time now & am grooving on all kinds of copper things to buy.

Check out these pieces from various Etsy shops...

One Of A Kind - Copper And Sterling Silver Hamsa Pendant With Handmade Copper Chain Necklace from Mocahete:

Shamans Desire - Rustic Brazilian Agate And Copper One Of A Kind Necklace also by Mocahete:

DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE pure copper handmade bracelet by Cindy Pack:

Customized Copper Cuff Bracelet - Handstamped and Handforged Solid Copper Bangle Bracelet from Jean Skipper:

Tanzan Aura Quartz Copper Wire Wrap Pendant by Puppy Love Jewelry: