Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KOSHi Luvs... Big Sur

It's hard to come home after a trip to Big Sur. It requires a period of adjustment. I miss the redwoods and moss, the clover and dirt, the birds, the rocks and cliffs and metaphysical books, the seemingly infinite species of flower. I miss the fog rolling in and out every morning, the fickle sun. I miss the way that the old-pro-locals light up at the tourists, because it's all too beautiful to abide a bad mood. Children blow bubbles and braid each other's hair. Grownups practice partners yoga and take in the view. There are many views to take in. Choose a direction, any direction, and you will find one. Mountains. Waterfalls. Rolling Hills. The Ocean.

L.A. is so grey by comparison. Traffic. Helicopters. Too Many Buildings. We've been back little more than 48 hours, and I already need a vacation. Since that's not going to happen anytime soon, how 'bout you join me for a lil mental vacay- say to Billy & Jo's Top Five Big Sur Destinations...

1. Deetjen's

2. The Henry Miller Library

3. The Spirit Garden and 4. Big Sur Bakery (side by side)

5. Nepenthe (GREAT gift shop downstairs)

BONUS GOODNESS: I can not do a list of favorite places to frequent in Big Sur without including the Flying Fish Grill in Carmel. It's a bit of a drive, say 40 scenic minutes North, but the atmosphere is so delicious and the food's to die for!

***Of course these selections are not counting the many awesome things to do outdoors (which is really the point of going to Big Sur in the first place) like riding horses through an ancient redwood forest to the beach, catching the waterfall that spills into the ocean at Julia Pfieffer State Park, gawking at the California Condors hanging out along the PCH, Esalen (which deserves a post of it's own), or any of the wild nature hikes and campgrounds to explore till your heart's content. I recommend it all, but you'll have to go find it yourself!)