Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pam Anderson's Hot Bod

I refuse to post unflattering pics of anyone, because bad lighting, bad makeup, bad angles or, hell, a bad day can make for some embarrassing shots of the best of them. Plus, I do not ever want anyone to do that to me. Karma's a bitch. So, you'll have to go elsewhere to make fun of photos of Pam Anderson on her most recent family vacation. Are people seriously ripping on this one in a million lookers for being ugly? What a joke. She is nothing if not attractive. In fact, she's made quite a living & achieved iconic status exploiting that fact. And the thing that makes me smile is that she refuses to let the paparazzi and tabloid press bully her into feeling bad about herself.
The following quote is from the blog she posted about all the hubub the other day...
(Isn't it great?)

"It’s only a family vacation. We had a great time in Maui - hope everyone had a great spring break too - no photographers. 

Thank god I don't have a google alert on myself (like some people I know do on themselves) - I've just been sent some pics from Hawaii - I have to laugh - well at least the world knows I don't get botox - ha!...I'm much hotter in my mind - (I swear I look better) - then again I hardly check a mirror before I go outside - may start doing that more. 

I may have to start working out too though - genes and gymnastics have gotten me this far. 

I just refuse to let these paparazzi ruin my time or my lifestyle in general with my children - I'm not going to spend time putting makeup on or staying covered up on the beach - it's definitely surreal though - I think I look alright but everywhere you turn you have a camera in your face - up you butt - it's crazy - too many tabloids - must be running out of stuff to print...I'm a semi-retired single mom - hello? 

I'm having a great time with my kids always!...nothing new." P.A.


Anonymous said...

She does look good in THAT picture- for her age.

bryan s. said...

That's one mighty fine M.I.L.F.

Anonymous said...

What the? Are these together again or what? I don't get it. Didn't she just marry Kid Rock like eighty two times?