Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oprah & Autism Awareness

Welcome to my world... If you missed today's Oprah, I strongly urge you to Tivo or record tonight's rerun so that you can learn about autism. One in 150 children have autism now in America & that number is continually increasing. April is National Autism Awareness month & so it's the perfect time to educate yourself about this growing epidemic. Maybe you have a child or sibling that goes to school with someone with autism? Maybe you have an autistic relative? Many of us do.

Here's the original post I did about my son having autism. There's a link to a very informative, moving video there...


concerned heart said...

I was disappointed that Oprah did not mention paternal age as a risk factor for some non-familial autism.
But Autism Speaks is not in favor of publicizing a way of prevention of future cases due to this particular factor.

Best wishes to you and your son!

sin d. said...

I watched it and I thought of you, Ms. Koshi. You must be a strong woman. I know you're talented.