Saturday, March 10, 2007

Top 10 Scraggle Rock Bands

I really dig that skanky 70s rock sound that is finally making a come back & am pleased as punch to have so many new bands catering to this deep dark craving o'mine. I'd really love to see em take over commercial radio, the newsstands & The Grammy's soon. That would be a huge relief after so much teeny bop pop & hip hop. Here's a list of the top ten KOSHi-approved contenders...

1. The Kings Of Leon

2. Dirty Sweet

3. The Willowz

4. The Raconteurs

5. Golden Animals

6. Darker My Love

7. The Sadies

8. Coy Dogs

9. Puddin' Tang

10. The Wildbirds


bryan s. said...

Rock on, mama!

Tiffany Meeks said...

I haven't heard of half these bands. The Willowz and Golden Animals are really good. Thanks for the tip. I hope rock and roll comes back in a major way too. I'm especially sick of rap videos and sixteen year old gyrating girls.
You're the best!

Anonymous said...


Cali said...

This is an awesome list! I listened to each and everyone. Yes I did. And it was goooood.

sharonda t. said...

You have THE BEST taste! I always find something cool here.