Monday, March 26, 2007

Kings Of Leon On Letterman

It's that time again... Time to set yer Tivos! The Kings Of Leon will be on The Late Show W/David Letterman tonight. This makes me so freaking happy. Now I have to go to to obsess on the streaming interview a couple of The Kings did, dishing on their new album & upcoming tour. Weeeeeha! I love these boys. xoxoxoxo

UPDATE: Did you see it it? Awwww. It was so f'in gooood. I had to keep rewinding to watch it again & again and won't be deleting it any time soon. Americans need to get with the program- This is OUR band, but they are practically living in obscurity over here. The UK, as usual, knows what's up & worships these guys like they're the second coming of The Beatles.

FYi: Granted, the quality of this video is shoddy, BUT, if you missed it, you can see The Kings performing "On Call" on Letterman by clicking HERE.

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Anonymous said...

The sexiest guys in rock and roll. For sure.