Monday, February 26, 2007

Hef To Marry His #1 Girl

KOSHi's DiRTY LITTLE SECRET: I watch "The Girls Next Door". And I like it. Apparently, I don't really understand myself. I'm suppose to be a feminist. I'm suppose to think Hef is a dirty old man. But I LUV this show & can't stop watching it. I used to hide it from my fiance, lest he call me a hypocrite(deservedly), but I got tired of the charade. Holly, Bridget & Kendra are so girlie. Their lives, at least the edited versions, seem so carefree, silly & fun. (Note: The show does NOT depict their three way sexual relationship w/an 80 year old man). God, I feel guilty just writing this. Oh well, it's the truth. And what's more, I'm happy for Holly Madison, the number one girlfriend, because it looks like she's finally going to get her long-held wish come true. She's going to be Mrs. Hugh Hefner, probably by the end of next season. Granted, it would be more meaningful off camera, as her man is using the blessed event as a blatant ratings booster, but I have a feeling she won't mind. It's one big easy, breezy, sweet-n-sleezey cheese-fest at the mansion. Congrats, darlin'!

+Although Bridget & Kendra seem like sweet, enthusiastic people, Holly is my fave. She's got a little more edge, some talent (she can draw like me!), & an interest in running Playboy one day, which may be why Hef has her number. He's no dummy, at least not in business. You can get a better since of what she's like here... (Warning: this is a blatant PR puff piece)


tiffany sparks said...

I watch it too, but only in the dark, with the blinds shut, when no one's around.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahaha! I am totally judging you right now.